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Update!!!--- Wow... things have been uber busy lately. I've started college and my time is non-existant. We're working on the next update (have been for a month when we've had time.) But we can't promise anything right now. Should be soon tho. However, here is the image I have been trying to upload for a week or two and kept catching the server when ftp wasn't working. *sigh*. I drew this as a thank you for the 10k hits. We will make shirts of this if anyone wants to buy them and they'll probably cost about 15$.

If anyone is interested in having this shirt, email us. I'll probably put a poll up about it soon. If we get enough orders, we'll make them and sell them for ya guys. We'd have to do it pre-order style tho cuz Jeno n'me's poor folks and we can't make them til we get cash.

Ya hero.

P.S. I just put a poll up bout the shirts. VOTE!

10k Hits T-shirts
If we made T-shirts of the 10k hits picture of Kaius, would you buy one?
YES! YES PLEASE! I've been DYING for a Kaius shirt!!!
Maaaaaybe. ^-^\/
Likely. Probably. If it's not too expensive.
No. Just... no.
I'm a poor white boy like Ciro n'I gots no cash.
I'm a poor non-white boy like Ciro n'I gots no cash.

Current Results
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